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The JB-TAG play system immediately boosts your play park's revenue and offers your visitors a renewed play experience. Within approximately eight hours, we integrate the TAG concept into your play structure!

A new and unique concept for the entire indoor play area industry!

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  • More play value
  • Immediate increase in revenue
  • No investment
  • Completely taken care of

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Upgrade your play park to an interactive game with ease

Score Screen

Aanmeld tablet van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions
Aanmeld tablet van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions
Aanmeld tablet van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions

The JB-TAG play system features an interactive score screen that hangs above the registration kiosk. This screen displays all player scores in real-time, creating a competitive and exciting play environment. Venue owners can easily add logos and set the prizes to be won via the portal. When a player scans their personal wristband, their personal score appears on the screen. Once the player has accumulated enough points, it indicates that the prize can be collected.

Registration Tablet

Score scherm van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions met score-overzicht
Score scherm van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions met persoonlijke score overzicht
Score scherm van het interactieve systeem JB Tag Solutions met persoonlijk score-overzicht

Registration is super simple. The player scans their wristband at the lamp next to the tablet and can then enter their name and choose an avatar. Optionally, they can join a team, a feature that can be easily enabled or disabled. With a press of the check mark, the game starts immediately!


Siliconen JB Tag Solutions armband om het spel te spelen.

With the JB-TAG wristband, players can activate and play the game. By tagging the interactive spots with the wristband, they can score points. The wristband is easy to use and is the key to a dynamic play experience.

Interactive Spots

Interactie speellamp van het JB Tag Solutions spel systeem

The game lamps are interactive spots that can be placed throughout the play area. Players can tag these lamps with their Tag wristbands to score points. The colors, light patterns, sounds, and other settings of the lamps can be easily configured via the portal, making each play session unique and customizable.

Easy to install

The JB-TAG play system fits perfectly into any existing indoor play structure or bounce park. With its user-friendly design and innovative technology, the system is quick and easy to install.

Upgrade your existing playground or Inflatable park today!

The JB-Tag play system fits into any existing indoor play structure and/or any Inflatable park. This gives your visitors the opportunity to upgrade their play experience.

Children purchase a wristband at the entrance, register themselves in the play park, and collect points while playing, individually or in groups, with the option for a fun surprise.

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A new dimension : We offer you increased revenue within your play area!

The process is simple: children purchase a TAG Band for a recommended price of 3.00 euros in addition to their entry ticket. This gives them an amazing extra play experience and, after achieving a set number of points, they can collect a nice surprise! This new dimension within your existing play equipment and/or inflatable park will challenge your visitors and immediately increase your revenue. And all without any investment costs!

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No investment

Upgrade your play location without any purchase or maintenance costs

Extra play dimension

provide your visitors with immediate additional play value, also ideal for birthday parties

More profit

On average, more than 30% of your visitors will opt for this upgrade

Fast installation

Simple to install and very easy to use

Calculate your profit!

Discover the potential of JB-Tag Solutions for your location with this profit calculator. Simply enter your annual average number of visitors and calculate the estimated additional profit that our gaming system can bring to your business.

  • No acquisition costs
  • No license or service fees
  • Much more fun to play
  • 1,25 euro extra profit per user

Profit calculator

* *The calculation assumes that 20% of your visitors will purchase the JB-TAG Band for 3.00 euros. The purchase price per band will be reduced by: VAT (9%), small prize (approx. 20 cents), fee to JB-TAG 1.25 euros.
  • No acquisition costs
  • No license or service fees
  • Much more fun to play
  • 1,25 euro extra profit per user
Your potential extra profit looks promising! What's holding you back? Let's have a conversation about implementing our system at your play location.
We're happy to explain!

How does it work? : We will go through the following steps

1. Get in touch

Contact us by calling or filling out the registration form.

2. Online meeting or on-site appointment

Together, we will discuss the collaboration opportunities, and upon approval, we will immediately schedule an installation day.

3. Install and activate together

The installation takes about 8 to 12 hours, after which the JB-Tag system is activated immediately. Your staff will be instructed, and we remain available for support and assistance.

4. Remote support and monitoring

Through our customer portal, we provide updates and support to you and your staff when needed.

User and play park results : Results and statistics

Average participanting visitors
Total number of users
Installed JB-TAG systems
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Different countries

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Frequently Asked Questions : Answer to your questions

Operation & Features (8)

JB-Tag has developed a clear play system for the children. This way, children can register themselves by entering their play name and choosing an avatar. Then, the game starts, and the children can tag as many lights as possible with their Tag wristband. This automatically earns them points. Different points are linked to a specific color of light (adjustable via the portal). In the meantime, a player can check their own score and the remaining playtime as often as they wish at the JB-Tag column. When a child has reached a certain number of points, they are allowed to collect a deserved prize (adjustable via the portal) at the counter. We will set up the system so that, for example, after 15 or 20 minutes of play, the child may collect their prize, ensuring that every child always wins a prize. Even though the child has reached the score to collect the prize, they can still continue to play and increase their score sky-high! 

After a player has earned the necessary number of points (adjustable via the portal), the player may collect a prize. It can be chosen whether or not a prize is linked to an achievement. It is also possible to set which prize can be won. For example, this could be candy or a surprise egg. By linking a fun reward to the game system, many children will choose to play.

There is no limit to the number of participants in the play system.

Yes, indeed, our system is suitable for all ages. Competition is guaranteed. Children of all ages can play the game.

The registration screen easily gives the player(s) the option to also create teams, allowing players to check both their own score and that of the groups. A great solution for children's parties!

No, we've made the system extremely user-friendly. You only need to sell wristbands and distribute any potential rewards. The game is self-explanatory and can be played independently.

The wristbands are reusable and do not need to be charged. With intensive use, the wristbands typically last for 2 years. Replacement wristbands are easy to order through our online portal.

We provide a special return box, which you can place at the exit. This significantly reduces the chance of wristbands being accidentally taken. If it does happen, new wristbands can easily be ordered through our webshop in the Tag Solutions portal (The taken wristband cannot be used again by the player later).

Purchase, Collaboration & Business Model (6)

By collaborating with JB-Tag Solutions, your play organization will immediately generate more revenue and profit, without any upfront investment. JB-Tag Solutions provides you with the entire play system without investment. Together, we aim for great success in extra fun and challenge within your existing play system and, additionally, more revenue and profit for the organization.

JB-Tag Solutions gives you the opportunity to enter into a 'no cure no pay' collaboration with us. As described, we provide the gaming system completely free of charge and continuously supply the necessary system updates and online support.

At the entrance desk, you can offer the Tag wristbands as an additional option for, for example, €3.00. You can expect that approximately 20-50% of all your playing visitors will opt for your indoor Tag system in your gaming location.

By entering into a partnership with us in a 'no cure no pay' model, you will immediately earn more money from the first sold Tag wristband. There are no purchase costs required for the JB-Tag gaming system. We charge a monthly fee of only 1.25 euros excluding VAT per registered Tag wristband. Additionally, you can make free use of the JB-Tag service and support contract for guaranteed JB-Tag gaming enjoyment for your visitors.

It is also possible to purchase the gaming system outright. 

Interested? Contact us and we will gladly schedule a phone call or an online meeting to discuss the options.

Are you interested and would you like to know more about the possibilities? Contact us, and we will gladly schedule a phone call or an online meeting to discuss the options for your location. 

If you want to enter into a collaboration, here's how it will proceed: 

  • Together, we schedule a phone call or an online meeting. 
  • Upon agreement, we will send the contract, which you can approve and review online. 
  • JB-Tag will send the customized package. 
  • After installation, we will conduct a final inspection together. Done! 
  • Together, we'll make it a great success!

Delivery, Installation & Support (6)

JB-Tag Solutions delivers the JB-Tag pillar worldwide fully installed on a pallet (approximately 120 x 100 x 180 cm). On this pallet, the lamps, mounting parts, and wiring with adapters will also be included.

By appointment, we are ready to support you in installing the JB-Tag gaming system. Together with you or your technical staff, we can have the system up and running within half a day or an evening. 

For installation, it is necessary to have an internet connection and access to several 220/110-volt power outlets. It is also advisable to provide the desired location for the movable registration pillar (approximately 90 x 90 x 180 cm) and the placement of the lamps in advance. 

The gaming system is designed for use in indoor play areas with a fixed power connection. For inflatable play parks, we recommend powering the lamps with the included battery.

We would like to know a date and time slot when you expect to install the gaming system or when you plan to install it yourself. We will provide you with some instructional videos beforehand, which are very user-friendly. You will find practically all the information you need there. Through FaceTime or phone calls, we can address any questions/issues together so that the JB-Tag gaming system is operational within your play structure as quickly as possible.

Upon purchasing the system, you will have access to your own Tag Solutions Portal. Here, you can read game data and manage system settings, among other things. If this proves difficult, we are happy to assist. Here is an overview of the points that can be adjusted by you and us via the customer portal: 

  • Uploading your own logo within the gaming system. 
  • Uploading the prize to be earned. 
  • Setting the number of points required to earn the prize. 
  • Maximum playtime. 
  • Determining points and color of lamps. 
  • Determining the light effect of lamps. 
  • Choosing sound effects. 

There are more options available to further tailor your gaming system to your preferences. You can also easily contact us for additional support via this same customer portal.

No, WIFI is not required to operate the gaming system smoothly; it operates within its own network, although the JB-Tag registration pillar needs to be connected to the internet. 

The gaming system is equipped with all the necessary certifications (CE – FCC – EN 71). Additionally, the lamps are powered by low voltage.

JB-Tag closely monitors your installation. We aim to fully support you, whether you have opted for a collaboration contract or a purchase. We always strive to prevent problems beforehand through updates or adjusting settings. If issues arise unexpectedly, we are directly accessible via our customer portal. Here, you can easily submit a ticket, and we will address it as soon as possible. These could be questions about adjustment possibilities or advice for you or your staff. Together, we will strive for an unforgettable experience for the players and a streamlined source of income for your organization.

Advertising & Marketing (2)

Upon entering into the collaboration, we also provide several advertising/marketing tools. Such as a standee (display) to place at the entrance desk. A billboard for the entrance desk to challenge customers to participate in the gaming system and to point out the opportunity to earn rewards and more!

Because the JB gaming system makes your arcade competitive, it's good to frequently promote the system online on your website and social media. We also provide you with all the digital media we have built up for this purpose. You are free to use it.


Together, we are happy to discuss the possibilities and answer all your questions.